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Dongguan Qunying Hardware Products Co., Ltd
Dongguan Qunying Hardware Products Co., Ltd., established in 1995, is the mainland factory of Taiwan Xilong Enterprise Co., Ltd. The original main business items are household goods and coffee utensils. In recent years, we have devoted ourselves to the development and research of coffee utensils. According to the different brewing methods, our products can be divided into siphon pot, fine mouth brewing pot and filter cup, ice drop pot of large and small size, flower cup, milk bubble cup, espresso peripheral accessories, filler and mocha pot. Hope to provide customers with the best quality coffee utensils, exquisite design, both practical and artistic sense, collection will also be a beautiful home scenery, at home can brew really good coffee, home is a coffee shop, easy to enjoy a good time. Xilong Enterprise Co., Ltd. has set up counter sales in all major department stores in Taiwan, and has special sales channels such as sales outlets, online sales, coffee utensils stores, etc. No matter where you live, you can easily buy Xilong products. In ...
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